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I posted this notification about a session on the Technology GE's  earlier this month.  I noted that I was limiting attendance to 40. I have a few more slots open, and I'd like very much to fill them...
I especially need some representation from the Southern regions of the state... I value your input.  I realize it is in Montpelier and represents a drive, I do, but if you can attend or send one or two to represent a group, I'd be grateful. 
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Good afternoon and Happy New Year!


An invitation:


The need for the State of Vermont to update the current iteration of the Technology Grade Expectations has been discussed for some time.  There has been movement on this front and this coming semester will commence the work on the updates. State funding is a current challenge, but there will be a Title IID grant opportunity offered to an individual or entity to tackle the work involved in producing some documents to move us forward. 


In anticipation of this, and to involve some members of the education technology community at large, Vita-Learn has kindly offered to sponsor a gathering in Montpelier on January 30, from 8:30-3:30, of those individuals interested in providing some input on how the next iteration may look. 


This January 30 meeting will be by open invitation, but with a cap of 40 people.  In populating this audience, the following will be taken into account, and in this order of importance:

  1. Sign ups will be first come, first serve, but with qualifications...read on..
  2. Regional representation  (Vita-Learn regions)
  3. A  mix from the technology community, (coordinators, integrationists, etc.) classroom teachers, and school administrators
Ed Barry has kindly offered to facilitate the day, and I will provide some examples from other states’ work around this endeavor.  I'll also be listening and gathering information from the participants to further inform the RFP process.


Please make the following considerations before signing up for a spot:

  • Is there a group of folks interested in your region and can you pick one or two representatives to bring forth common interests?
  • Instead of actually attending, could you simply send an email to Peter or Ed to indicate your interests or concerns in this endeavor?
  • While this meeting is preliminary, there WILL be other opportunities for a voice to be heard when the work commences.  Can you be involved in a more regional meeting at a later date?


This meeting will help generate an RFP for a group or individual to continue the work, with the following proposed timeline:


Early Feb:  RFP out to field to solicit proposals for individual or group to lead the work.

Early March: Anticipate regional meetings to showcase current directions of work

April:  Possible comment period for the field at large

Late May, Early June:  Draft document to coincide with locals finishing up local technology plans.

Further work (summer and beyond):  Pilot project to embed technology into two content areas:  Social Studies, Literacy 


Here is the registration link for the event: 

If you have further questions.. drop me an email or give a call.
Thanks for your interest....
Peter Drescher
Education Technology Coordinator
Vermont Department of Education
120 State St.
Montpelier, VT  05620-2501
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