I bought a low-end laptop last year with Vista, resized the partitions
and installed Fedora 9 on it as well.  It was so much faster with Linux
that I decided to try replacing Vista with XP.  The drivers were a
challenge, but it ran so much better with XP that I've left it that way.

PC customers shun Linux for the same reason they won't try Macs--they
think they're too different.  It's really too bad because the difference
between Fedora 10 and XP is certainly no greater than the difference
between XP and Vista.  Fedora 10 installs amazingly smooth, even on old
hardware and it comes with an incredible suite of applications.
Portable drives like flash drives mount and unmount seamlessly.  I have
an old laptop I use at school that I installed Fedora 10 on and it works
better than my new laptop with XP--it even connects and switches between
wireless networks better.

If Apple can topple the "Microsoft is King" mindset, perhaps people will
open their thinking a little and notice that Linux finally is a viable
Windows desktop alternative.

Steve Barner
South Burlington 

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Seen quite a few good reports about Win7 beta as well.


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