Fabulous!  So those who were thinking they had to choose between Untangle or the Central VITA-Learn meeting at Thatcher Brook no longer have to choose!

On Jan 22, 2009, at 10:19 AM, Robert Sargent wrote:

I made an error in an earlier post. The Untangle webinar is NOT today, Jan 22. It will be next week, Jan 29th. I apologize for the mistake. The corrected information follows:

On Thursday, January 29, at the Bradford Elementary School at 3:30pm there will be an Internet Stream by Shaun Gardner about the Untangle Firewall. The Orange East Supervisory Union (OESU) is holding the session for the network administrators in our supervisory union. There are ten spots available for interested parties from outside of OESU. There is no charge. Acceptance is first come, first served. We would like anyone who plans to attend to contact me, Robert Sargent, at [log in to unmask], so we can arrange to not exceed our ten person limit.

As featured in past threads on this listserve, Untangle is a great product with an interesting open source business model. Please let me know if you are interested in coming to the session.

Bob Sargent
Technology Coordinator
Waits River Valley School