Our issue was closed captioning... Getting the CSPAN to the projector via VCR was not a tough challenge, and 80+ staff and students were able to see the event on the big screen in our conference room We had an interprester, of course. It really was great that everyone cld see it, and so clearly.
I spent some time discussing the captioning issue with Comcast, and they could only suggest using a big screen TV to get the captioning. Orig I thought of using a converter box, then feeding the projector. Comcast told me it wld work if our campus was setup to use set-top converter boxes. Unfortunately, we are not, so that idea was out.
Any ideas on how to get captioning to appear through the projector ?
Bill Clark
Austine School for the Deaf

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We spoke about this at last night's pizza meeting. Winooski used a very high tech approach. At the exact time of the inauguration, we had people turn on their televisions in their classrooms. We have a TV in every one. We also set up a gigantic television in the auditorium for anyone who wanted to bring large groups to watch it.



Bryan Thompson
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Dear List:

I was out sick that day, but could track utilization from home.

One issue we ran into was installation of updated FLASH.

Not something I tend to unless it is needed.

Had a number of users who could not view a stream due to outdated flash, nor
install it on their own (permission reasons).

Anyone run into problems, anyone sail through easily?

Anyone install silverlight for the official PIC site?