Ray – thanks for provoking this, since we have been processing the event ourselves. We did some testing in advance to see which sites had best quality/lowest overhead/least installation, and the effect/viability on LAN traffic/bandwidth.
Two different scenarios in our two schools:

  1. Middle school has (Comcast) cable TV, most plugged into this. We updated flash on a handful of machines (users can’t) to stream CNN, users had to install a plugin (which they could do without admin access). I was in the other building, but apparently the streams were choppy (may be because several people tried to watch it on their own, despite messages about specific streams that were set up for groups). Based on the success in our other school, I blame the LAN switching (HP Procurve 2124, 100MB backbone) and not the cable bandwidth, but hard to tell.
on 1/23/09 8:43 AM, Raymond Ballou wrote:

Dear List:

I was out sick that day, but could track utilization from home.

One issue we ran into was installation of updated FLASH.

Not something I tend to unless it is needed.

Had a number of users who could not view a stream due to outdated flash, nor
install it on their own (permission reasons).

Anyone run into problems, anyone sail through easily?

Anyone install silverlight for the official PIC site?