I went to the site Michael recommended, and I concur completely. 
Amazon and PlayMobil are insane for selling this product, and the 
satirical comments when you scroll down the page are absolutely 
hilarious.   - Mitchel

From:  Michael Schwartz <[log in to unmask]>

Dear All:

You absolutely must visit this site 

This advertises is a child's product available on Amazon.  You will 
be astonished by what the product is--a toy for little kids.  Then 
you need to look at the related products below, because they are even 
more surreal than the featured product.   And then, scroll down and 
start reading the comments.   Anyone accustomed to Amazon knows that 
most products (books, DVDs, etc) will have a few comments, split 
between positive and negative--always serious.   This product has 48 
reviews--virtually all satirical.  Some are truly hilarious, all are 
politically biting.   It is truly an outpouring of spontaneous 
political  satire.   Just read the first few and see what I 
mean.   This is one of the most entertaining (and enlightening) web 
sites I have seen in months.

Here is the URL again: