Let's cut to the chase here and stop all the bullshit.

The reason why some people are interested in "discussion guidelines" and 
"increased moderation" and the like have nothing to do with ethereal 
academic reasons.  Quite simply, the professor and his supporters are 
increasingly uncomfortable with the turn of events in Gaza and the exposure 
of their beloved Israel as just another  state that will commit any crime to 
protect the class currently ruling it.  It is no different from any other 
state that has existed or ever will exist.   I posted the items about the 
holocaust in Occupied Palestine partly to offset what I saw as the extreme 
hypocrisy of some on this list, like the professor, in calling our attention 
to the sins of the Castros and Hugo Chavez, while ignoring, or winking at, 
far worse crimes in their own backyard.   "Human rights" have never been 
about platonic, pre-existing ideas concerning the innate worth or "liberty" 
of individuals.  It is a weapon to excite popular indignation and hostility 
towards one's opponents.  Because of their greater wealth or more highly 
placed connections or greater access to the media, the rich have always 
enjoyed greater success in employing this canard against the poor.  The 
professor is no different than those colonialists of yore who denounced as 
"savages" those "unprofitable" and "dangerous" "natives" who took up arms to 
resist their rule.  And, incidentally, those who favor equality for the 
Palestinians do not post items from Kach supporters on their web site.

That is the issue.

Louis G

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> Interesting Carrol.  Here i am on vacation far from my library, but