Clearly, the professor's lofty "let them eat cake" ideals of self-abnegation personal initiative should be applied ONLY to impoverished women and children in the crushed enclaves of our inner cities, and NOT to the people of Gaza or the West Bank or to Occupied Palestine in general.  

The "two-state solution," which he implicitly or explicitly endorses exists only among those (like Sharon and Bush) who hope, in their heart of hearts, that the Palestinians can be "ghettoized" into non-existence.  It has about as much credibility now as the old Republican canard about "using the maket to reform Social Security" has in 2009.   As the European Right once longed for a "Judenfrei" Europe (a wish devoutly held by quite a number of non or even "anti" Nazis in England and throughout Western Europe), the modern "liberal" zionist now pines for a disinherited Palestinian "nation", whose "nobility" will be the only compensation paid to that long-suffering people.

One cannot carry messages for the rich against Castro and Chavez (whose sins are dwarfed by the current leaderships in Tel Aviv and Washington), and in the same breath offer nothing in this forum against far worse crimes closer to home.

That is the issue.

Louis Godena

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  I've allowed Louis Godena to misrepresent my position in the past (he called me a "racist hypocrite" on one occasion, which drew no protest from our moderator), but I am not going to continue to do so. As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am strongly anti-Zionist and I do not support a two-state solution as the eventual resolution; I am strongly in favor of a one-state solution, although two states may well end up being the only possible provisional route to that ultimate outcome. If we could go straight to one state, I would be entirely in favor of it, but it may not be realistic.


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    >...each individual must act--and act in a relevant, useful, effective way--to change [conditions]. Victims, no; victors, yes!

    I agree.  It is far too late for the "liberal" zionists and "human rights" hypocrites like the professor here to "save" the genocidal entity by some apartheid South Africa-style "two state" solution.  Millions of displaced Palestinians cry out for the right to return to their homeland.  The racist settler state will be replaced with a democratic, secular Palestine with equal rights for ALL.

    And all the world will rejoice.

    Louis Godena

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