I take alot of toe pressures, on all new pts and diabetics, non compressables (great toe) I always use tape, I am not for the velcro, I have used smaller clips but they can pop off. Rita

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The Unetix PPG sensors have the spring-clips, indeed very handy. I've never 
understood the idea of strapping the sensor around the digit, which would mash 
down on the subcutaneous bed. I don't know for sure that it would interfere with 
a proper reading, but double-stick tape seems better: no pressure between sensor 
and skin. I'd be interested to see what anyone else thinks about strapping down 
with the velcro, pro or con.

The spring-clips exert very little pressure.

Don Ridgway

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I could be wrong, but doesn't the Nicolet system come with these great plastic 
toe clips for the PPG sensors (kind of like a clothes pin)?  They really save 
time.  I've mentioned to Parks reps in the past that they should have the same 
thing, but they've always been dismissive of that idea.  I've never once used 
the six inch Velcro strip they include (which won't even go on most toes if 
there's a cuff on.  Taping the sensors on toes takes extra time and is tough 
with gloves on sometimes.  Maybe Parks will wake up and improve that one day 
(probably not, the response I got is that few people take toe pressures 



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