You are correct regarding the minimum time standard for performing an echo exam. The two programs have separate board of directors who write and revise the standards. The ICAVL board has discussed this previously but chosen not to include time standards for the variety of vascular exams. 

According to our data, the number of accredited labs has actually increased over the past two years and majority of the labs are seeking reaccreditation. As you are aware, credentialing and accreditation address different issues affecting quality and generally people continue to find value in both. 

Cindy Weiland
Director of Accreditation IAC

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I have a question to those out there that have both accreditation. 

I have heard (sorry lazy and did not research the topic) that ICAEL stipulates that an echo should take 45 minutes, the whole 45 minutes, and that is part of the accreditation. If this is true why does not ICAVL require such a time frame? 

One other topic on accredidation, are more labs (ICAVL) foregoing accreditation by staffing only registered technologist's to suffice for reimbursement issues. 

Both of these issues are hot right now in my area. 



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