I’d like to see the pics, I’ve definitely encountered nearly continuous flow in arteries distal to occlusion, but arterial reflux is definitely perplexing…




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That's what I thought, that it would thrombose. That's why I posed the question to everyone. We( 3 different techs) interrogated at popliteal with color Doppler, proximal and distal posterior tibial. You can easily see flow in the two posterior tibial veins, zoomed the image and placed the Doppler smack in the middle of the artery. Continuous flow, not phasic which would slightly augment then  drop below baseline when you release the foot.  The two very small vessels were in the area of the distal thigh, often where you see flow reconsitute when the femoral is occluded. It could not be determine that these vessels actually connected the veins and arteries, but the flow was monophasic arterial flow at one end and continuous flow at the other. If I can get my PACS administrator to copy pictures that I may post, I will be glad to show you this puzzle.



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