Our lab uses both unetix and parks systems.  In general I’d rather use the parks machine. The Doppler probe is better and toe PPG waveforms/pressures are better on the parks. I find that for patients with severe PVD, the unetix machine frequently introduces a motion artifact (as it deflates) making accurate toe pressures difficult.  We’ve also been through multiple Doppler probes for the unetix system as they have a cheap plastic housing prone to breaking if the probe is dropped.  Their probes are top heavy and easy to drop, and the ridiculous, unstable, metal probe holder is easy to break as well.  That being said, both our parks sytems have been prone to multiple software (and hardware) issues that sometimes down the whole system, and you have to spend some time on the phone to fix them (in particular if you don’t shut the machine down correctly, it easily messes up the system software), but customer service from parks has been adequate.  I’ve never had any issues with unetix software and it seems to be a much more stable system, but you’ll probably spend some extra money replacing probes from time to time.




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Hello and Happy New Year,


Our office is planning on up grading equipment this year, and is looking into possibly purchasing a PVR system from Unetixs.  Does anyone have any experience with these systems?  We currently are using an older Parks Flow Lab.  How does Unetixs compare to Parks?  I am looking for both pros and cons with regards to them. 


Thank you.





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