I covered some of the Bolton snow conditions from this morning in my evening weather update, but here’s a little more detail on the skiing.  The powder was certainly heavier than some of the upslope powder events we’ve had over the past month, but I’d say part of that feel came from the fact that there was the thicker layer of material lower down in the powder, and that seemed to keep one higher in the snow.  It was great snow overall though because it really set down a substantial covering (~1” of liquid or more) on much of the mountain.  It still looks like some of the more steep windswept trails are going to need at least another round of this type of snow before they ski really well, but based on what Bolton says on their website, they will be opening more terrain this weekend:


“For those of you who've made it all the way to the end of the report, I'll offer a little tease. I'm not mysterious by nature, but all I can say is look for us to expand our terrain for the weekend. Considering that everything under the Vista, Mid-Mountain, and Snowflake lifts is open, there aren't too many possibilities as to what that could mean. We hope to see you out there with us, carving up all this snow.”


I’ve added one image from today to provide an idea of the snow consistency.




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