Hereís a Bolton update from Sunday.  Ty had to be at Stowe in the afternoon for his school ski program, but with more snow than expected we couldnít resist heading up to Bolton for a few powder runs in the morning.  Like Saturday, temperatures were a little chilly in the teens F, but there was once again no wind and by the time we got up to the mountain at around 9:00 A.M. or so, the clouds and snow had mostly pulled out to reveal blue skies.  We ultimately picked up 7.3 inches of snow down at our house in the valley (495í) from the Saturday night event, and Boltonís reported tally was 8 inches.  There was a big competition taking place in the terrain park so we got to watch several riders doing tricks while we were on the Snowflake Lift.  Ty and I checked out some of the Cobrass chutes, but some of the steepest shots definitely needed more coverage so we cut back onto the trail after skiing some of the moderate pitches.  We also checked out some of the Villager woods that we had explored in the off season, and relative to the Cobrass chutes they are much more protected from the wind, and had far deeper snow.  The steeper pitches there were just about ready, and certainly skiable, and the rest of the terrain in the area was in great shape - I found about 16 to 18 inches of loose powder atop the base when I checked with my measurement pole.  Trails that had been groomed just before the snow were great fun, with Foxy having roughly the entire overnight accumulation over a groomed base.


We left Bolton around 10:30 A.M., then after lunch Ty and E headed off to Stowe for their afternoon program.  They spent their time at Spruce, and didnít venture off in search of powder, but E said they found nice packed powder on Sterling.  There were still some windswept areas with mixtures of hard surfaces and drifts however, such as #1 Cutacross.


Dylan hadnít been quite up for skiing in the morning (which actually worked out OK since it let Ty and I explore more) but by the afternoon he was ready for some turns so I took him up to the mountain.  Lots of people were still up on the slopes even after 3:00 P.M., and the big terrain park was open to everyone at that point.  I didnít go into the trees with Dylan, but there was still plenty of powder along the edges of trails.  The big thing I noticed was how quickly it got cold as the sun began to go down, so it seemed that even the January sun had been helping to take a little edge of the dayís temperatures.  Our last run was off the Vista Quad and Dylan was starting to get chilly on that run, so he needed some good warm-up time in the car while I packed up the gear.


One interesting thing I noticed about Timberline was the number of people skiing there over the past couple of days.  Even though the lift isnít running, the resort is using the Timberline lots for overflow parking and some folks seem to be making extra use of that setup with the shuttle.  Iím not sure how many people are doing laps with the shuttle specifically, or if most are just finishing off their day with some Timberline turns because theyíve parked down there, but I noticed a lot of happy skiers in the powder on the Timberline slopes, way more than the usual amount of turn earners.


A few pictures from Sunday are below:












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