I havenít had a chance to get this out until now, but here are some Bolton Valley conditions updates from earlier this week.  On Saturday I was out in the local backcountry up above the house, but I did get up to Boltonís slopes on Sunday and Monday.


On Sunday E and I took the boys up to the mountain for a few runs in the afternoon, and we stayed entirely in the Timberline area.  Snow was being made at the bottom of Twice as Nice by a tower gun or two, but that was all the snowmaking we saw.  Twice as Nice had adequate coverage for skiing at that point, but you definitely wanted to be careful.  The snow was generally soft packed powder on Twice as Nice, but anywhere where snow hadnít been made (most of the trail), there were areas where ground was very close and rocks were showing.  Although Twice as Nice generally seems to do fine with just natural snow, it really appeared to be hit perfectly by the winds in the holiday period to strip its snow.  Showtime under the lift was in great shape because they made a ton of snow on it.  The other run we hit on Sunday was the lower part of Tattle Tale accessed by Woods Hole, and there was plenty of natural snow for turns, even though some brush was still poking through in some spots. 


I hadnít planned to ski on Monday, but one of my colleagues called me in the morning to tell me that he was heading up, and that his kids wanted to ski with Ty and Dylan.  So, I brought the boys up in the afternoon and it was very much worth it because conditions were really nice in the 20s F with light to occasionally moderate snow falling.  Iíd say conditions were even a step up from Sunday because there had been a bit of additional snow.  Essentially anywhere you headed off trail was bottomless powder at that point, so unlimited powder skiing is basically there for the taking.


Overall conditions have been excellent short of having a big powder day every day; a couple inches of snow each day and temperatures that never go above freezing just seem to keep the snow surfaces improving faster than traffic can deteriorate them.  With the additional light snow at the beginning of the week and yesterdayís moderate event dropping 8 inches, I suspect conditions will be great this weekend so it should be fun checking everything out tomorrow.  Bolton is reporting that they finished their snowmaking and grooming work on Twice as Nice, so theyíre skiing 100% of their terrain.  Iíd still like to see another big dump of snow with a couple inches of liquid equivalent in it for some of the woods/glades in the lower elevation areas like Timberline, but everything is skiable so thatís a pretty good place to be.  Also, since thereís been some decent snow during the week, some obstacles will obviously have already disappeared.


I didnít get many conditions-specific photos from the weekend, but a few general shots from Monday are down below.  It was the first day I took both boys solo and rode a quad chair.  I was wondering how the loading was going to work holding one boy in each arm as I boarded the lift, and it was a little challenging but ultimately worked out fine.  We skied somewhat mellower terrain on Monday with my colleague Stephenís children, so Ty used his Telemark skis.  Heís continued to improve and was really cranking out a lot of paramark turns.  We worked on narrowing up his stance so heíll be able to use that when he wants.  It looks like having a narrower stance option will allow him to work on dropping his knee to a greater extent on some turns, as his typical stance seems a bit too wide to accommodate that type of turn.  Dylan surprised us by going strong all afternoon and never needing a break despite seven runs.  His stamina is certainly improving.  Stephen treated everyone to waffles from the Waffle Cabin, and they were a big hit with the boys of course, and most importantly, waffles are only $2 each through the end of the month.








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