Lydia Witman wrote:
> During a discussion about evidence-based practice at my workplace, we
> uncovered disagreement about how to pronounce the acronym "PICO" (the
> mnemonic used to help formulate clinical research questions; it stands for
> Patient/Population/Problem, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome). 
In my classes, I use what I call the CINAHL rule (there must be a more 
technical term for it...): Namely, that since the "I" in CINAHL stands 
for "Inn-dex" and not "Eyen-dex", the "I" should be pronounced as in 
"Inn" and not "Eyen."

So for PICO, using the same logic, since "I" stands for "Intervention" 
and not "Eyentervention" or even "Eentervention" ....

would be pronounced PICK-O and not PIE-CO or even PEE-CO.

Although everybody seems to want to say PEE-CO anyway. They must not 
have been in library school with me.

Schoolhouse Rock, anyone?

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