I am doing work in this area as well... I do not understand why the National 
Library of Medicine cannot advertise.  Well I DO understand; it is all about the 
almighty dollar. 

We are being bombarded with "viral marketing" messages.. also what impact 
does contact by vendors through junk mail, emails, membership in professional 
groups, and giving money to support librarian professional meetings have on 
the perception of their product as "needed"?  

I am also concerned about "stealth" marketing... Librarians serving on so called 
publication boards, lending an air of authority to the vendor's product and 
giving prestige to the librarian; when there is really no true peer review and 
critical analysis of the product.  It is a sensitive issue since these publishers 
and reps are also on this Medlib-L list.

The medical library publishing market is well saturated; yet Proquest, Ebsco, 
etc are coming up with new products and are trying to convince librarians we 
need them.  

My angle on all of this is that the model of for profit publishing is 
unsustainable.  It is nearly impossible for Joe the Plumber to find authoritative, 
quality peer-reviewed information on Internet without being overwhelmed with 
commercial messages.

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