I have recently introduced this tool to our physicians.  The SD State Dept of Health purchased it for 1 year for our hospitals.  I think they did utilize the 'sly-marketing' technique you mentioned - AND the product is really quite good for what it does.  I targeted my Family practice and ED docs.  One of my dermatologists really thinks it's a useful tool. My SART (Sexual abuse and response team) trainer is thrilled about using it for some of her training.  I partnered with VisualDx and had them make posters for me (using the link I pub on the library's web page) to advertise.  Turn it into a WIN/WIN for your library!

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I would be interested to hear feedback from anyone who has been involved with this vendor and product.  The product was provided as a one-year "grant" to three of our EDs on the recommendation of the regional emergency preparedness director (read - sly marketing).  It did not go through the library but ended at our door when no one else knew how to get it up and accessible.


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