Hi everyone,
Below is a request for a female engineering student to accompany a  
couple IBM engineers to a local high school to introduce the concept  
of engineering to young women. If anyone is interested please let me  
know. The outreach program is next Thursday--there are more details  
posted below! Thanks!

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Here is the details on the Introducing Girls to Engineering session next
Thursday. scan thru the whole note, and than if any EWB female
students are interested in a break from studies, this would be an excellent
outreach session. I will look toward you to communicate
directly with Mary Anne (via email) if any possible candidates exists, and
to coordinate details. Thanks for your interest in this
potential outreach program.

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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- you think any of the Ew/oB students (women) would
be interested in participating in this activity next Thursday?  Would give
them a chance to meet some IBM engineers and some high school students who
are interested in engineering.  Nice outreach, but the timing (middle of
day) may prove to be a problem.

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   Date:       02/10/2009 05:12 PM

   Subject:    "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day"  - Feb 19th (11- 1) @ EHS

Karen Connerney & I meet with Jim today to discuss the event...

They are expecting ~ 30 girls and it will run from 11:04 - 1:05.
Each session will run 30 minutes.
Girls will rotate to each session, Expect 10 girls per session..

11:04 - 11:34 - Intro and lunch - (Pizza Lunch provided by Vt Works for
Women) - Auditorium
11:34 - 12:04   Session 1
12:04 - 12:34   Session 2
12:34 - 1:05     Session 3

Event 1 - PowerUp Game  (Jim's room) - Karen & Mary Anne
Event 2 - Legos  (Auditorium area) - Laura & Tom
Event 3 - Mechanical TBD (Auditorium - other end) - Jim or ?

Please let Jim know if you have any special requirements.

Thanks again for doing this with your busy week ! I will send you a
calendar entry.

Mary Anne

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