Please join us for CEE Seminar this Friday (2/27).

Kathryn Purchase Fleming, M.S. student in Civil and Environmental Engineering will be presenting some of her experiences as an Army engineer in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The title of her talk will be:

US Army Engineering: A Pictorial View of My Engineering Experiences in both Iraq and Afghanistan

Background will follow.

CEE Seminar
Friday, 12:50-1:40 PM
Votey 209
Refreshments provided.
Please bring your own cup/plate/etc.

Until 9/11 happened I never thought I'd deploy except for training purposes, however, less than a year after graduating from the military academy I found myself sitting on the Kuwait/Iraq border and in one of the first waves of the invasion.  I spent 12 months in Iraq as an Engineer liaison to an aviation unit (Army helicopters) and platoon leader responsible for 38 Soldiers and our projects which including building and repairing facilities on a US base in Iraq (helipads, airfield repair, wood frame construction).    Four years later, as a company commander in charge of 160 Soldier Combat Support Equipment Engineering Company (translation: heavy road construction equipment), I deployed to the ruggedly beautiful country of Afghanistan.  In Afghanistan, our projects included a major road project, winterizing existing bases, building new bases and inspection of contracted Afghani projects such a schools, medical clinics and culverts.
I will share my experiences as an Army Engineer, some spectacular views of the two countries and their people, and how Army Engineering is helping not just both US and coalition forces but also the Iraqi and Afghani people during these turbulent times.