Sometimes the outlook folder is actually in:
C:\Documents and Settings\<userid>\Local Settings\Application Data
Actually I tend to find it that way more often than the other.  Not sure
offhand what the variable is on why it's sometimes there and sometimes in
the other.

Oh the pst files are specifically in a subdirectory called 'outlook' usually
in the 'microsoft' directory in whichever of the application data folders it
is (and sometimes the 'outlook' folder will be in an 'office' folder below
that).  Just so you aren't seeking bare pst files in vain.

C:\Documents and Settings\<userid>\Local Settings\Application
C:\Documents and Settings\<userid>\Application Data\Microsoft\outlook


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Outlook stores the users .pst file in the C:\Documents and 
Settings\<userid>\Application Data folder.  Once you look in this folder 
you can collect and move the pst file to any machine and then run the 
import wizard.  That should do it.


Larry Kost wrote:
> I have a faculty member whose PC died.  He was running Windows XP.  I 
> replaced the PC with one running Vista.  I have an image of his old hard 
> drive.  He used Outlook for Email and created some local folders.  Where 
> can I find these on his old hard drive and how do I get them "attached" to

> his new Email in Outlook?
> Larry K