Hello Clerks,

Our town is voting on six different ballot items on four separate sheets 
of paper on Town Meeting Day.

I have decided to put in a half sheet that tells people that they should 
have four separate pieces of paper in their envelope and that each 
ballot needs to be returned, even if it isn't voted, and then all the 
business about the certificate envelope (sealing and signing).

I was thinking of adding this at the bottom of the half sheet:

Per state statute, all absentee ballots are opened at the polls on 
Election Day by two Justices of the Peace. Absentee ballots in batches 
of 25 are then put into ballot boxes along with ballots voted at the 
polls. Certificate envelopes are used to check off names on the Voter 
Checklist. Every attempt is made by Huntington election staff to assure 
the confidentiality of your vote.

Can you please comment?

Thanks, in advance.

Heidi Racht