We will not fax tax bills unless the taxpayer pays us for the research and
fax time, for which we charge $1.

Since they have to come in to pay the buck, they take the copy to the
preparer anyway.  The reason they need the tax bill is for the HS 122 stuff.
Tax bill does not state how much the taxpayer actually paid in the calendar


It confounds me the number of people who don't keep their tax bills, even
though we request it on the bill.


If a taxpayer is telling their preparer that they have paid taxes when they
haven't--in the calendar year--that's fraud!


Wendy Wilton

Rutland City Treasurer


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I get very frustrated about faxing tax bills for people who go to their
preparer without a copy of their tax bill.  Especially if they are not paid.

Great idea to charge the preparer.

I doubt they would pay.

Jan Ladd, Benson