Morristown accommodates any/all requests for tax bills.  We consider it as part of the process, and property owners and/or their preparers are welcome to the information.


Mary Ann


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Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 11:54 AM
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Subject: Faxing Tax Bills?


Good Morning All;


We are trying to determine how everyone handles requests for tax bills.


Due to the extremly high volume of request last year for tax bills to be faxed we made the decission to send every tax bill with a copy and a notice to the tax payer that this was there copy and we were not going to fax them to tax preparers this year. 


We are still being overrun with calls for tax bills to be faxed. Many people are upset that we are saying no to faxing them. We are at a disadvantage that the fax machine is not in our office. We figure at least 3 minutes out of the office per tax bill. If it goes through on the first try.


We would like to hear how you all are handling this problem?



Alberta Miller
Hardwick Town Clerk
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Hardwick, Vermont 05843
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