Does anyone know a general rule:  if the Grand List has gone down,  does the 
school get more or less funding?
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According  to the ‘Education Property Taxes Guidelines for Treasurers and 
Collectors  Handbook’ on page 21, the timeline shows the final payments or 
billing will be  sent out by the education department April 30-May  1st. 
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Subject: final Grand List  adjustments by Education Department?

Hi  everyone,

Now that the  Education Dept has received most Town's final Grand Lists, do 
we know WHEN  they are going to adjust their records to reflect the changes 
from the Aug  first Grand List?  And, for Towns whose Grand List amounts went 
down,  adjust amounts that the State pays to the School  Districts?

I know that most  towns only just sent their final 411 GLS in electronically 
in  January.



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