I found the following excerpt from a 1937 report by the Public Records Commission to Governor Charles Smith. I thought you might enjoy it and marvel at how things change(?). 

“It has been the habit of uninformed persons to blame the Town Clerk for all defects in town records. This survey has demonstrated what thoughtful people have long realized, that in view of the handicaps under which they labor, Vermont Town Clerks have done extremely well. The law requires a Town Clerk to keep his office open at all reasonable hours and customers often require him to open his office at all hours. The law gives him a full time job and pays him very little for his trouble. It imposes on him the care of about fifty kinds of records which include perhaps a hundred different titles running through the century and a half more or less, of the Town’s existence. It requires numerous reports, much correspondence, and many expenses.”



Gregory Sanford

Vermont State Archives and Records Administration

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