On Feb 2, 2009, at 2:55 PM, Bryan Thompson wrote:

> How about $10 and $20 computer for us? Although, I'm not sure what  
> these devices can do, if anything.

... here's a bit of followup from the show where it was "exhibited."  
the $50 - $100 is within striking range (several folks have put  
together modern day equivalents of Apple II's etc ... and if you think  
of life before microsoft, it's easy to imagine what these things will  
look like ...:)

$10-laptop proves to be a damp squib
4 Feb 2009, 0118 hrs IST, TNN

TIRUPATI: The much-touted laptop for the masses said to have been  
built by students of Vellore Institute of Technology that would cost a  
mere Rs500 actually turned out to be only a computing device.

Making this clear at the inauguration of the national Mission on  
Education Programme organized by the Union HRD Ministry here on  
Tuesday, joint secretary N K Sinha said the computing device is 10  
inches long and 5 inches wide and has been priced at around $30 at the  
event. However, he refused to comment as to why was it being projected  
as a laptop when it was not.

The so-called laptop actually turned out to be a storage device  
containing megabytes of data info which can be accessed by a user by  
connecting this device to a laptop. It meant that unlike the internet,  
this device can display that information that has already been stored.

Some delegates at the exhibition claimed that with the help of this  
device a laptop caosting about $60 can eventually be manufactured. But  
for now at least the $10-laptop turned out to be damp squib.