There is a group of us who are thinking about having another conference 
for Techies who work in schools.  At this time our proposed date is 
Friday May 22 at S. Burlington High School.

Vince wrote a message after the last pizza meeting, where we came up 
with this date, asking if anyone would be interested in presenting.

No one has replied!!!

To get you interested (I hope), here are some topics that have come up 
at the last few Pizza Meetings;
Virtualization - it seems we're all doing it or thinking about it
PDA's & Smart Phones - they are here, we're being asked to support them
Novell and OES on Linux - those of us still in the Novell camp have to 
make the move
Linux - It slices, it dices, you can do anything with it - can't you?
Vista - Run Away!!
Macintosh - Isn't that another GUI that runs on Linux?
Google Apps / The Cloud - Singing in the rain - or - Where is my umbrella
Devices on the Edge of the Network - Routers, Filters, Firewalls
Support Models - help desks, software to track service requests, What works?
Wireless - Two separate networks, one open one secure, each covering the 
whole building... that's not too much to ask for is it?
Powerschool, Web2School, etc
Remote Access - all resources must be available 24/7 from anywhere in 
the world

Anything here look interesting?  Would you like the conference to be a 
time of sharing, showcasing the knowledge and experience of the people 
around the state who are working on issues like these?  Do you want us 
to see if we can find vendors who will come and talk to us about their 
products and services?

Write if you would like to suggest a topic for a presentation.  Write if 
you would like to present.  Write if you have any suggestions about a 
format of a conference for the technicians. 

Send proposals for presentations to Vince G. at [log in to unmask] 
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> .

We're meeting again in early March.  If there's any interest we'll be 
setting up a schedule.

Craig Lyndes
Franklin Central SU