St Johnsbury has been a long time user of Rediker Admin+, but we have begun hunting around, so far with a look at Power School. Admin+ has added Nursing & Cafeteria modules but they are third party additions and require overnight passing back & forth of text files to move data, which has been problematic. The modules original to Admin + work fine together. I'm concerned about the bandwidth and speed for working with a strictly on-line SIS like Power School. - RickM

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Subject: SIS Search Updates

We have looked closely at PowerSchool, MMS and Infinite Campus in our search
to replace SASI here at CCSU.

At this point we are ready to choose two of the above three and do some more
intensive comparisons, etc.

Would any of the other SASI districts/schools mind sharing where they are at
with choosing a new SIS?


Roger Lebovitz
Chiittenden Central SU

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