Hello all..
I realize many are on break.. I need a little info though from those that can provide..
Conversations here at state level are heating up around broadband access  (finally!)...
If you could send me no more than a paragraph about your school or district and how you obtain broadband access currently, it would be very helpful.  I know it is all over the map statewide, and we have been discussing a broadband consortium for quite some time, but it looks like we have some opportunities coming up. 
Just give me a quick blurb about how you get access and what level of access you have.. It would be helpful too if you could tell me what you pay for that access, but not necessary if you don't have that info at your fingertips. 
If you prefer, send it directly to me and not on the list.  your call.
Thanks for your help...
Peter Drescher
Education Technology Coordinator
Vermont Department of Education
120 State St.
Montpelier, VT  05620-2501
802.828.5149 (ph)
802.828.6563 (fax)
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