Craig, I think it's a wonderful idea to hold a conference for "techies", similar to those S.Burlington held in past years.  I have 2 or 3 guys that could really benefit from any/all of the topics you listed.  There is another theme, not really a specific topic, that continues to emerge in our schools, and that has to do with access vs. security.  Is too much blocked or not enough?  Are things secure or too inaccessible?  There seems to be 2 avenues around this: lock it down (seems to be our techies point of view) until they come crying, or leave it open until something bad happens then patch it.  The more we talk about things like mobile-personal device making access ubiquitous the more we need to include in this discussion those who are supporting the infrastructure.  It would be a tremendous opportunity for support folks to be included in this discussion at a tech conference.

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