The program was Delprof.exe:

I run it with the arguments "Delprof.exe /q /i" which will delete all the user profiles except the one you are logged in as without conferming each one.  (doesn't touch the default profile).

I use Deepfreeze on all computers which are used by students, which keeps the profiles under control. ( is an alternative to deepfreeze which their personal edition is free).

Also check out:   I use their community version for managing all logon script items, including printer installs.  They have a profile utility which I have not used yet, From reading it sounds a lot like mandatory profiles.

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I have been sifting through the archives for a 2007 discussion about user profiles, specifically managing the accumulation of profiles in XP. We work hard to make sure Default Profiles have all of the application settings set the way we want them (and hopefully most convenient for the user), but that means when we need to change some of those settings we need to delete all existing profiles.

Didn’t someone (Bjorn?) have a nifty script for deleting all but the Admin, All Users, and Default User profiles in Docs & Settings?


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