I'd love to share this on the Infinite Thinking Machine blog along with the KMZ nd also at the social studies web 2.0 workshop coming up.  Do you have an email address for Sean.

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Hi all

I wanted to share some information about a culminating project from a collaboration between students in Irasburg VT and Howe Public Schools in OK.  I’ll probably give you more info than you really want, but please scroll down to the news story links included.  I posted this in VT CITE too.


I thought you all would be interested to hear this example of VT students participating in collaboration and communication project that uses a variety of technologies.

- Arlyn


A little background:  The teacher in Irasburg is Sean Wallace.  Sean has been an active user of video conferencing and the content dollar bank via the Learning Network of VT (supported by Title IID funds).  Sean and Tammy Parks (a teacher in OK) found each other via school-to school collaboration listings (listing was on CILC the organization where we have the content dollar bank).  Prior to the session featured in the OK broadcast, Sean and Tammy did work using Google Earth placemarks.  The students in Irasburg put together information on VT’s Northeast Kingdom using google placemarks and the students in OK did the same.  The two classes then met via video conferencing.  In preparation for the fieldtrip led by the Ok students, the VT students also did an activity using antique map layers in Google earth to trace the Trail of Tears in preparation for this fieldtrip.

The Irasburg  6th graders would like to develop their own fieldtrip and they identified some things they feel they could do better. In addition the fieldtrip featured below there also was a web piece and a moodle site where kids did preassessment quizzes and were able to view hi-res images from the museums collection.


In communicating with Sean about this project, I was struck by his description demonstrates that to have such experiences for our students requires

An innovative teacher (ok Sean didn’t say that, I did)

Support from colleagues and school administrators

and the technology access


Please note that the team Sean mentions from Irasburg also participated in the 21st Century Classrooms program with Ed and Sandy, et al last summer.

From Sean:

“I do appreciate you sharing our experience with Tammy with people on your end. I am grateful for the recognition, but I'm just using the equipment that I was fortunate enough to have in my room. I also could not have pursued this without the support of Brent, our Principal, Gerry Whitaker (SS), and Karen Britch (4th). I was encouraged by the students and their teachers to make this happen. Of course, Tammy Parks was incredible with both her knowledge and experience. Her kids appreciate what she does and recognize what she provides. “


The teacher in OK noted:

We enjoyed Brandon's enthusiasm for the "Haversack" activity!  The reporter's questions were keeping him away from his task at hand - sewing!  Thanks again for your willingness to "try something new"  and take a chance on an Okie Field Trip.  My students want to continue our collaboration with you guys!  We feel like you all are family now!  We refer to you as our friends from Vermont!



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