Thanks for the reminder on this: we had similar issues with the way that GE4 mapped local application data when we copied default profile information (as discussed in other threads). It appears that for each new user, the application tries to store data in the profile of the user who installed it.

Our Tech created a workaround (attached) that has worked for version 4. We have not upgraded to 5 yet, but will be testing it before we do. Or should we wait?

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on 2/20/09 7:14 AM, Lucie deLaBruere wrote:

I have not upgraded to Google Earth 5.0, so I can't speak to this personally.  But there is a thread in my Google Certified Teachers Group that looks like it might be valuable to school IT folks.
Seems that upgrading to Google Earth 5.0 has caused lots of issues in school labs.  I've attached a PDF of the thread as of this morning.  Seems that tht upgrade problems did not allow a school to go back to previous versions of Google Earth.
Just a heads up in case someone was thinking of doing the upgrade.