Friday night’s 6 inches of fluff on top of Wednesday’s 18 inches of ~10% H2O denser snow set the table for at least some decent powder skiing, even if it wasn’t likely to be epic.  With that in mind, Ty and I headed up to the mountain fairly early and got to the village in the 8:30 to 9:00 A.M. time range.  I hadn’t paid extremely close attention to the forecast for a couple of days, but last I’d seen it looked like the temperatures were going to be as high as the 20s F.  I suspect the forecast changed at some point, because it was notably colder than that.  The sun was often out, but a brisk wind in the open areas of the higher elevations seemed to counteract much of its warmth.


Ty and I strolled up to the Snowflake lift, and unlike the dense snow-covered, wind-blasted landscape I’d seen at the base area on Thursday morning, it was looking much more like a powder morning.  It was interesting to note that we heard a couple of the lift operators discussing how people were complaining on Thursday that the mountain had groomed too much – and it seemed that they were making sure they were going to remedy things for this powder day.  We immediately found several inches of beautiful champagne over the previously groomed surface of Sprig O’ Pine.  We did another couple of runs with some lower mountain woods, and found nice powder conditions.  I checked the depth of the overnight snow at mid mountain (2,500’) and found about 4 to 5 new inches there.  We were meeting Dave at 10:00 A.M., so we decided to head into the lodge and warm up  - the thermometer at the bottom of the Mid Mountain Lift was still reading 11 F as of about 9:30 A.M.


We met up with Dave and headed off to the Villager Woods, where the snow was untracked and bottomless.  We did introduce him to the Wood’s Hole Glades as well before I had to get Ty back down to the house for a birthday party with his friends.  Dave stayed up on the mountain, and in the afternoon I went back up for another session with him, and we spend the rest of the afternoon in the Villager Woods.  We checked out a bunch of new lines that nobody had touched, and I’m sure we’ll get back in there again.  Some pictures from the day are below:




















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