Yesterday afternoon we headed to Stowe, and I was eager to see how they did in terms of snowfall when the front came through.  We ended up getting just a couple tenths of an inch of snow at our house in the valley (elevation 495’), but while parking in the Mansfield lot below the Easy Over Gondola (elevation ~1,500’), I was happy to find myself driving though two inches of fresh snow.  The new snow was fairly dense stuff, which I suspected would be good in terms of adding something a little substantial to the trails.


I did all my skiing over at Spruce Peak, and conditions on the groomed trails were decent where the new snow had settled in.  However, where there wasn’t any new snow left, there were a lot of icy areas, especially where the man made snow was plentiful.  The groomed snow certainly wasn’t the quality of the previous weekend, probably in part due to a week of skier traffic without substantial snowfall, but even more due to the weather.  The mountain had warmed up on Saturday, and from what I heard they even got a bit of rain.  A friend we spoke with that does grooming on the mountain said that they were grooming while it was still warm, and that seemed to pack down the snow and really make it firm.  The areas that hadn’t been groomed seemed to have far better snow.  I jumped into the trees a few times with Dylan, and the powder in there was very similar to the stuff I’d skied in the Bolton Valley backcountry with James on Saturday – it was a bit on the dense side compared to the usual, but the turns were great.  I was wishing I had fatter Telemark skis though, because floating higher would have made the turns a little easier in the denser powder.  E and Ty got over on Mansfield and said that the wind was strong up high – in areas where it had blown away the new snow the conditions weren’t that great, but they said in other areas the snow was soft and fun.


I spoke with my colleague Stephen today who was at Bolton on Sunday morning, and after arriving for the opening of Timberline at around 9:00 A.M., they had to wait out a lightning hold on the lifts.  Most people decided to take the shuttle up to the main base to eventually catch other lifts, but they decided to hang out in the Timberline Lodge for a while, and when the lift eventually opened they had the area to themselves.  His kids were just learning to make parallel turns after their lessons the previous day, and he said that they really enjoyed having all the untracked trails to themselves.  I’m sure it was fun to see the tracks that their turns were leaving.  They only had time to stay for a couple of runs but it sounded like the conditions were excellent, no doubt due in part to the fact that there was no traffic.


A couple pictures from yesterday at Stowe are attached below:





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