After showing E a the Bolton Valley photos from yesterday, it wasn’t hard too convince her that we should take the boys up to the mountain for some turns today, even though it was a holiday weekend and had the potential to be busy.  Unfortunately, hitting the type of sidecounty or backcountry terrain that Ty and I skied yesterday wasn’t an option with Dylan.  Having him use his snowshoes while one of us carries his skis on our pack works really well for earning some backcountry turns, but unfortunately his range is too limited for Bolton’s backside terrain just yet.  So we decided to stay in bounds today, hoping that the resort wasn’t too busy.  We knew we’d generally be a bit lower in elevation than where Ty and I spent a lot of our time yesterday, so the powder wouldn’t be quite as deep, but it would be a chance to show E and Dylan some lines in the Villager Woods and Wood’s Hole Glades that they’d never seen.


We got up to the mountain a bit before 11:00 A.M., and the Timberline Quad was back up and running after being repaired, so we parked at the Timberline Base and took the lift up to get to the village.  After skiing a run in the Villager Woods we thought about eating, but the base lodge and even the restaurants upstairs were pretty crowded, so we tided the boys over with a couple of waffles and got back to the slopes.  We spent some more time in the Villager Woods and did a couple of other runs.  Eventually we ended up eating at the James Moore Tavern at around 2:00 P.M., and there was still a good crowd, but things had settled down a lot and there was plenty of space.  We didn’t encounter any lift queues during the day, except for a few minutes at the Snowflake lift where I suspect the folks hitting the terrain parks added some volume.  We finished off the day back over at Timberline with a run through the Wood’s Hole Glades and some other trees in the area.


Conditions in the trees were pretty much as we’d expected; the glades in the 2,000’ – 3,000’ range held about 5 to 6 inches of loose snow, which was a bit less than the 6 to 8 inches we’d found at the 3,000’ elevation yesterday, and in the 1,500’ -2,000 range accumulations appeared to drop off another couple of inches.  In general there was enough loose snow throughout the resort’s typical elevations to make the powder skiing nice, although not quite as bottomless as the 3,000’ range.  You’d definitely encounter the base in some spots, depending on the pitch, but I found many steep lines in the trees were skiing great.  On piste there was still a lot of packed powder, but there were definitely more slick spots than we saw yesterday.  A couple of the steep trails near the top of the main mountain were closed because the new snow hadn’t stuck and they looked pretty nasty.  I also noticed that there were some thin spots near the bottom of the Twice as Nice glades (~1,500’).  With that said, I couldn’t believe how deep the base seemed in most of the woods; lines were opened up that I don’t think I’d seen yet this season.  I think part of that effect was the consolidation of the base snow with new stuff on top of it just making things a little more accessible and adding a little extra depth.  The sky was cloudy until about 12:30 P.M., but then the clouds moved on and we had totally blue skies for the afternoon.  Temperatures were in the mid 20s F so it was a really nice afternoon to be out. 


A few pictures from today are attached below:












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