Hereís a quick update from Stowe on Sunday afternoon.  In terms of weather, it was the start of storm cycle #2 of the back to back events.  It snowed all day, at times moderately, but the flakes were fairly small and the snow settled with moderate density.  Iíd say they still picked up a few inches during the day down on the lower half of Spruce Peak, where temperatures were around 30 F.


Dylan and I joined up with Eís instruction group, spending most of our time on Spruce Peak.  The conditions there were excellent, with mostly tracked powder around, but it was still possible to find icy subsurfaces Ė we skied the bumps of West Smugglers and found firm areas between the moguls.  We did take one trip over to the main mountain and skied Perry Merrill Ė that was great fun and the snow surfaces below the gondola waterfall level were just an awesome mix of powder and packed powder.


I didnít take any on slope pictures since we generally stayed on the trails and worked with Eís usual kids, but I did get a few shots in the afternoon when we were introduced to a neat activity that the resort is offering.  From what we were told, there are free símores and hot chocolate every Sunday over at the fire pit in the Spruce Peak base area.  Itís really a fun scene, and there were other vendors giving away stuff like packets of granola and bottles of Cholula hot sauce.  Iím not sure if the símore/hot chocolate area is supposed to be just for the kids in the local school programs, since it seemed like other people were joining in with the fun, but I figured Iíd pass that along in case anyone finds themselves over at Spruce on a Sunday afternoon.  A few shots from the símore session are below:









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