On Feb 3, 2009, at 8:21 AM, Benjamin Bloom wrote:

> It's not often that there are more couples in the ski posse than  
> singles.

Maybe that's true at your rough and tumble, experts only, He-Man  
resort. But it's more the rule than the exception at America's Number  
One Family Resort, Mad River Glen.

Sunday we had me and Vickie and our kid, and joined up with Chris and  
Jill and their two boys (youngest is our kid's BFF at school); Kathy  
and daughter Emma; and another guy and his wife and son, names I can't  
remember. Missing from posse (but not the day, saw them in lodge  
later) this day, but more often than not an integral part of our  
regular group, Kathleen and Jim Bauman and 3 kids and a Grandpa.

Chief Posse Maker is our youngster. He loves seeing ski friends and  
sucking them up in his wake.

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