Day 4 (of 5) of our Utah ski vacation was at Snowbird.

For some reason, we are cursed. All of our western trips are dry (two
notable exceptions where it has dumped on the last day that we were there).
The snow here is good, but its not very fresh. And meanwhile, I read reports
of fresh snow in VT. Figures!

In any event, today was yet another bluebird day. Maybe a little bit too
warm. Felt like spring skiing. Skied like spring skiing.

Our plan was to go over to Mineral Basin to start the day. We went through
the tunnel and skied down Lupine Loop or whatever it is. Only problem is
that Anna had a few difficulties in heel side traverses, and got stuck in a
few places. After one, I thought I saw a way that we could cut over and skip
the uphill section.

Wrong idea.

"Warning. Cliff area"


So, Anna got to be the first Morton girl that was cliffed out, ahead of her
big sister Renee and her Mom. Of course, I had been cliffed out before.

She took it like a champ though. We were traversing over; but still too much
heel side to make it easy. We did finally have to take off her board and
hike it out. Meanwhile, Renee and Sara were kind of a little worried, as
they didn't have their radio on. Luckily, they didn't realize we were
cliffed out.

By around 11am, Renee and I were looking for an adventure. Anna went in to
play with her American Girl doll (who rode in my backpack). Renee and I went
down "Blue By You" and found some very nice corn. It was great.

So two "c" experiences - cliffs for Anna and corn for Renee. Made for a
great day.

Very nice to see how fast Renee and Anna are progressing in their
snowboarding. They look good. Still doing a fair amount of heel sliding down
parts, but working the bumps and working their boards so much better than
last year.

Renee (10.5 yo):
Anna (7.5 yo):
Family portrait:
(The American Girl doll and "Harry" are also visible in the picture)


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