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> Thanks for the tips Francois. I think I was aware of most of the info but I had forgotten about the Cat skiing at Massif Du Sud. That resort rocks. You could really turn this into a killer road trip by doing the Massif Du Sud / Mont Edouard / Valinouet/ Le Massif plus any BC in between 
> It's wilder and more remote than most places out west except northern BC , Nevada or Alaska
> My two cents is to scedule the trip late in the season around Easter. Presidents week would be choice number two but the timeline is short (no crowds and $25 lift tikets are great that week
> Leigh
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Mont Grand-Fonds near La Malbaie, is well worth a stop on a storm or 
snowy day, if you don't mind the lodge.

It is a road trip we like to do, except for Massif du Sud which is out 
of the way for us. I like driving through or staying at the village at 
the base of Le Massif at Easter's, with the spicy smell of boiling maple 
sap and fire woods and all the light flooding from the St-Lawrence and 
its melting ice. The road along the St-Lawrence is spectacular, but so 
is the road that takes you directly from St-Urbain (just outside of Baie 
St-Paul) through the Grands Jardins, to the Saguenay area towards 
Valinouet. Spectacular climb through peaks born from a meteorite impact. 
You can see them from the Massif chairlift.

A few years ago, at Easter's, we slept in Baie St-Paul after a day at Le 
Massif, and intended to go to Valinouet. When we got up, it was pouring. 
We left anyway, hoping to find snow. Two-three hours later, less than 
half a mile away from Valinouet, still pouring. After the last climb: 
snow ! wet and heavy, but still, snow all day...

Wesley Alan Wright a écrit :
> On Feb 4, 2009, at 9:24 AM, François Couturier wrote:
> Welcome, François!
>> I live in Montreal but come from Chicoutimi, close to the Valinouet
>> and close to little else!

Funny how things look different when you come from there ! The nowhere 
trip I was looking at last week included Sugarloaf, Saddleback, Sunday 
River and Cannon.

>> Too bad about Pierre the Fanatic Hockey Snowman's 
>> ( failed US presidential bid. I would have 
>> enjoyed watching him debate Sarah Palin.

I did not know about Pierre and was quite surprised to see that it was a 
marketing tool for the Phoenix hockey club. Quite remarkable audacity. I 
wonder how that would work out here, if used by the Habs. Not sure it 
would go without being disputed... It remains to be seen which of Sarah 
or Pierre are most ... cartoonesque ?

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