I have probably done more combinations of BC road trips than most on the list so I can offer a lot of good advice

Not on the blackberry however. I would think that the road trip you are planning is pretty ambitious. It is a loooooooog haul between ski zones. Any of the resorts are worth a visit but i think i would seriously split non-whistler BC into two or preferably three trips. Do the 5 okanagan resorts on one trip. Do the red-fernie-kimberley-castle  zone on another and do the banff-KH-Revelstoke-Panorama route on a third visit. I think your plan will be more drivng than skiing.

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Since I missed out on the BRC trip I am considering a trip later this month or early March to British Columbia.  Just looking at the map it appears that a nice circuit would be to fly into Calgary.  Visit some combination of Lake Louise, Kicking Horse, Revelstoke, Big White, Red, Whitewater, Fernie then back to Calgary.  Total of about 1600Km. Any suggestions on which of these to skip or spend more time at?  Of course we will also be watching weather patterns and looking for standby cat deals.  The guy I will be traveling with is a skilled SB troller but stays mainly on the trails.
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