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>As of today, Sonnenberg has lost its Poma due to failed State of VT 

That has to set some sort of record for insufficient maintenance expenditure 
relative to daily room rate!

Some googling revealed a discussion thread here:

. . . and a chronological summary here:


Here is the info on the 10 VERMONT ski areas we listed last time. 

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SONNENBERG (Barnard), [closed], Opened in 1967. [One quote: 
After several money losing years as a low cost ski area, in 1987 the 
area changed to an expensive $45 a day area. The price included 
downhill, x-county, ice skating, and a gourmet lunch. The new name 
was "Sonnenberg Winter Club". In 1991 the area went back to a $20 fee 
and then closed in 1992.] 
Vertical Drop: 450 ft Top: 1900 Base: 1450 
Lifts: 2 Pomas 


. . . and a profile of Barnard here:

Barnard, Vermont Exposed
Barnard, Vermont is located directly north of Woodstock, Vermont and has 
always enjoyed being Woodstocks quiet neighbor. It has a rich heritage and a 
wonderful cross section of citizens. For many years Barnard was the quiet 
retreat for Sinclair Lewis and his wife Dorothy Thompson. They lived on a hill 
side farm that after their death became Sonnenberg Farms. Sonnenberg was a 
private ski hill with a tasteful second development. The Lewis homestead 
became an Inn and excellent restaurant. At present the property is known as 
Twin Farms, a world class resort that prides itself in outstanding 
accommodations and hospitality services. World figures and celebrities can 
relax and enjoy the Vermont at its best without any fanfare or recognition. Ah, 
quiet Barnard.

The focal center of Barnard is the Barnard General Store. Here citizens enjoy 
excellent foods prepared on site and catch up on the latest news after 
strolling over from the Post Office. For much of the year one can enjoy looking 
over Silver Lake form the covered porch and the comfort of the Adirondack 

Less luxurious than Twin Farms but very impressive are the Barnard Inn and 
the Inn at Chelsea Farm. Comfortable lodgings with excellent meals.

With all of this going for it, Barnard sounds like an unknown, undiscovered 
community in the hills of Vermont. Quite the contrary, as recent articles in two 
local newspapers, The Valley News and The Vermont Standard,  have 
reported. A wonderful Barnard property, the old Fraunces Farm, has recently 
been sold and has shattered the Vermont state record for a residential sale. 
The Fraunces Farm, comprised of 292 acres,  has undergone a complete 
rebuild including a new 12000 sq ft stone residence. It has just sold for $18 
mil, way beyond the prevous state record of $8.4 mil for a ca 1910 stone 
manse on Lake Champlain with 423 acres.  Being at state record and by such a 
huge margin has drawn much attention to Barnard. But this is not the only 
state record that Barnard real estate has set. In 2001 Stonegate, a 
magnificent colonial reproduction on 81 acres sold for $3.9mil a short lived 
state record. Yet consistently Barnard properties have achieved prices that 
tend to buck the trends. In the current economic climate, there is some 
reassurance that Vermont real estate is still viewed by the rest of the world as 
a good value.

So what about Barnard? Is it now going be exploited, developed and 
destroyed? It never has previously and just like the rest of Vermont, its 
citizens will continue to value and preserve their wonderful haven. Ah, quiet 

Posted by Wade I. Treadway

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