You never know when you will learn something new in life. Such was the case last weekend.

 As I waited for SD, Dave and Dylan to pop out of the woods from our Profanity run, I 
overheard this tid-bit of knowledge from a crew of three young gents I waited next to on the 
traverse. I wanted to pass it along for the list to consider.

One of the three young guys, who sounded like the leader, was talking about getting cliffed 
out, and he suggested his own personal solution to get out of trouble when above a nasty 
cliff. He said, "I always carry a bunch of string, so that if I get cliffed out, i take my board 
off and tie spruce boughs to my feet. That will make snowshoes for me to hike out on, no 

This was as awesome. Renson...what kind of string do you carry for this purpose?

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