The snow over the past few days has really not been all that great. I'd 
officialy like to jump on the Eye-Or bandwagon, although there doesn't seem 
to be much room. Although you think that you may have enjoyed skiing all of 
this snow, you really are not having as much fun as you think you are...and 
you know who you are.

For instance, Fridsay, we had to traverse futher than I thought possible, then 
sidestep up up up to traverse about 20 minutes more. Ben led the way to a 
scalloped ditch. When we arrived, Dan found a dicey entrance that led to an 
icy spot :

But Ben was amused to see him grab some puckerbush and hold on for dear 

Looking down:

Looking up:

Dan getting down:

And exiting the ditch right:

Everywhere - simply just inadquate coverage. Ben, in front of the camera for 
a change, getting down the ditch:

Later Ben found more bony coverage. In this photo, he skiied right over a 
hidden rock:


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