Tomorrow should be a fairly interesting day weather-wise across the North
Country.  We'll have a potent cold front move south across the region
sometime between mid-morning and early afternoon.  We'll likely have some
flurries and lower elevation sprinkles during the morning, but I believe a
snow squall line will form along the cold front with upslope snows lingering
through the afternoon and evening.  This isn't going to be a big event but
feel a quick 2-4" will fall tomorrow along the spine with a chance of
reaching 6" into tomorrow night.   

850mb temps plummet from near -3C early in the morning to near -20C tomorrow
night... so at the very least it will get significantly colder throughout
the day tomorrow in the higher elevations.  It'll also get quite windy with
850 wind speeds progged at 50-60kts out of the NW tomorrow afternoon during
the strong cold air advection.  This is a good upslope signal and though
available moisture decreases quickly post-frontal passage, I'm getting that
gut feeling that upslope will linger along the west slopes and spine thanks
to forced orographic ascent of the cold air advection.  

We'll also have decent dynamics in the mid-levels with a strong H5 vort max
traversing across NNY and N/C VT in tandem with the cold front.  Also, lapse
rates (rate of decrease in temperature with height) spike along the front
and remain moderate through the afternoon as temperatures at 5,000ft will
tank faster than surface temps.  All of this should conspire to produce a
light to moderate snowfall across the central and northern Green Mountain
spine tomorrow into tomorrow night.  At the very least, it should be fun to
see how this dynamic situation unfolds as the weather has been fairly benign
this past week.


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