I'm not gonna' single anyone out, either.  Yes, I've taken many lessons and camps and gotten a lot outta' them and everyone reading this should, too.  I had some nasty leg injuries in 1988 and 1989 that required surgery.  Then in the 1989-90 season, I took lessons at Killington that I thought were very good and helped me get confidence back and proper technique and have never looked back.  Also, you get to ski with others who are serious about the sport rather than the ilk that goes to K-Mart *just* to get wasted and laid (well, I did that too but skiing was the top priority).  One trick that works well is if your're an expert level skier, you take a group lesson and since many experts  or so-called experts are too proud to take lessons, you often get 1-on-1 private instruction for the price of a group lesson.
I went to Doug Coombs camps in Jackson Hole which were very eye-opening and helpful and opened up the World of off-piste/ski mountaineering to me.  I skied with some BIG names which was a thrill.  Pepi Steigler himself encouraged me over the phone to go to the camp and made a few turns with us - WOW, I got to ski with Doug and Pepi!
The Senior S&T (Ski and Toboggan) clinics I've taken in Northern Vermont have helped me a lot with my ski skills.  Christian has been very helpful and Teigh, Bill and Rena from Smuggs been as well.  If you're a patroller, I implore you to go through the Senior program.  EMARI has a very good EMM program, and Northern Vermont excels at S&T and some monstrous strides have been made in Avie and MTR there, as well.  
Anyone else out there been to camps and/or lessons?  Experiences?
Mark P. Renson

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I'm not interested in a deal with you. I'll keep responding and commenting
as long as someone who doesn't know how to use the equipment keeps
recommending the equipment.

Instead of taking one of those trips, you would be better served in spending
the money necessary to get some good instruction. A Harb/PMTS camp would be
good or one of Rob and Eric's camps. Even a series of Privates or groups
with someone good would be of great benefit to you. I don't  know a good
skier who isn't always looking to improve.

FYI, I'm not singling you out. This is a common mindset. Many people do not
know what good skiing looks like or feels like and more importantly don't
have an accurate self image of their own skiing. If you're a person that
only skis a couple of times a year then I can understand being happy with
just going out and hacking around. If you're someone who spends as much time
and money on it as many on this list do then I don't get it.

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