Just three today: me, bro-in-law Jake, the kid. Lots of cars in lot  
and people in lodge, apparently for State High School Women's races.  
Hardly a sole riding the chairs for recreational skiing. We watched  
some of the slalom from the Inverness lift, chatted up a racer from  
CVU. Played ski racer on Walt's run at 150 mph. Played Jedi pod racer  
in Semi-tough woods -- best snow of day. Got my butt kicked by boy  
down icy miserable bumps on Hammerhead -- how can he possibly skis so  
fast down such conditions? And rode the Sunny-D chair at least a dozen  
times to ride in the  AWESOME TERRAIN PARK!!! He jumped while his  
Uncle and I played camera crew.

Couldn't talk anyone into a last run down Lower FIS, so finished with  
a Rim Run/Elbow/Walt's run that went past faster than a last run should.

All in all a pretty good day, but coming snow is needed badly.

Wednesday, the Group of Six descends upon Madonna Mountain. 

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