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I've always wondered why Stowe doesn't have a rando race, since it has such 
great terrain and in general is the kind of ski area appealing to serious skiers 
along with lots of backcountry/sidecountry skiers who would potentially be 
interested in such a race.

But I rationalized the lack of any rando race thus far with the difficulties of a 
established a good and safe skin route up the main face of Mansfield that 
would be compatible with intense downhill traffic from the general public.

I was thinking about this while skinning the last two days, especially since I 
was skinning up to ski the west side  . . . via the Toll Road.  Doh!

So I figured out several interesting routes.  The shortened course / rec 
division could just go up the Toll Road to the top of the Double, ski Hayride, 
skin up Tyro & Lullaby Lane to the Toll House double, then ski down Easy Mile.

The full course / race division would continue up to the quad top, continue 
skinning up past that to the old race trail, ski back down the old race trail to 
continue down on Liftline.  For a second lap, hmm, I was thinking about a 
mandatory "boot pack" that consists of trotting across the highway to skin up 
Spruce Peak, although maybe that's just too . . . silly?  Alternatively, skin up 
to the gondola side.  Either way, after that second lap, then skin up Tyro & 
Lullaby Lane to the Toll House double, then ski down Easy Mile.  (I know, the 
finale is pretty easy, but seems like the best choice for logistics.)

The other option is to incorporate the Bruce, but, hmm, it's really narrow and 
steep, so I'm not sure encouraging people to ski that at a race pace is a good 

But big questions are:
-- would people potentially be interested in this?
-- anyone have any contacts w/ MMSC or the resort that could facilitate any 
If you need something to point your contacts to, these are examples of course 
maps I've created for other races:

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