To be or not to be...

Did it rain or did it snow...that was the question...

Since I was fortunate to have skied the past six days in a row (most 
especially today -- a powder day), I guess I'm as qualified to answer as any 
of the the prior respondents...

to snowed, and snowed and snowed...

Not always perfectly formed frozen tiny crystals -- and not continuously --but 
it snowed nonetheless.

At Smuggs, we rec'd about 5-7 inches on the mountain thru 7 am, then 
another 3-5 inches cumulative throughout the day and into this evening.

At 4 pm, it was 32 deg. at the base of Madonna Mtn., but definitely colder at 
the summit...still colder in the atmosphere.

Best I can tell, it is still snowing as of 10 pm.

We're wrapping up our annual sojourn at Smuggs for one last day tomorrow 
(Friday), and the family will be out in full force at MRG on Saturday. 

Please stay home, as we have not had a lift line to stand in since last Sunday, 
and I would just hate to have to start now...but somehow, I think a few folks 
will want to sample the lift-served areas this weekend.

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